Thursday, September 10, 2015


No longer will you be able to just nip into one of the Bouluds for a bite during the shows, as NYFW has moved its primary location to Moynihan Station at 360 West  33d.  Dining options are of a distinctly different feel than the were up at Lincoln Center, but there are many more options at an array of price points.  Here are some of my favorites:

1.  Txikito  Stellar, seasonal Basque tapas and a cozy, low-key atmosphere.  Super beverage-friendly, as a good tapas place must be.   240 9th Avenue.   And if wine is of greater importance to you than the meal, its sister restaurant El Quinto Pino is just right around the corner.

2.  Tia Pol  A geographically more expansive take on tapas,  but no less authentic or wonderful.   205 10th Avenue

3.  Trestle on Tenth  Central European cuisine in the heart of Chelsea.  If the temperatures (will PLEASE!) moderate, they have a lovely garden as well.   242 10th Avenue

4.  Co.  has the best pizza in the 'hood.  (If pizza will be your provisions backstage, please do not feed the models a crappy slice.  Get pies from Co.)  Great salads round out the menu.  230 9th Avenye

5.  The Red Cat has been a Chelsea staple since '99, but it's still going strong.  Super seasonal American cuisine from Jimmy Bradley that spans from creative to classic.  227 10th Avenue

6.  Porchlight  In addition to being a master of hospitality, Danny Meyer's Midas Touch seems to embody a bit of prescience as well.  Here, the vibe is lively and the food snacky, but it's destined to be a Fashion Week hotspot given its proximity to Moynihan and the team behind it.  And depending on the day, it's open 'til midnight or 2AM, so get ready to party on the porch.  271 11th Avenue

7.  Grand Sichuan International is apparently now Chelsea Chinese, which is a less reliable-sounding name, but the reviews I see seem to hint that the quality remains.  It won't be the best Chinese food you'd ever have, but they serve some particularly tasty vittles (the soup dumplings are note-worthy, and even some of the more experimental dishes are solid).  They don't seem to have a website, but I think that actually lends to their authenticity.  229 9th Avenue

Anyways, if you attend fashion week all seven days, that gives you one destination per day.  There are many more reliable joints in the neighborhood, so feel free to explore (Chelseans are discriminating).  And if you're headed to Skylight or Milk, I'll try and get some recommendations up before the end of the shows.   For now, you're on your own down there.  But if you read some prior posts here on Follow the Chef NYC, you'll find quite a few worthy destinations in the Meatpacking District, where Milk Studios are located.

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