About Me

"You're in the industry?"
Me: "Not technically."
"But you're a foodie, then."
Me: "I suppose. Hate the term, though."
"Well, how do you know so many chefs?"
Me: "I exclusively date chefs."

Okay, this isn't even true. But my friend Cammy said it once ("No chance, buddy. She exclusively dates chefs.") after a string of few such pairings, and I found the qualification amusing. I wouldn't be at all opposed, either, to developing its veracity. I find the world behind the swinging kitchen doors fascinating. Books like Anthony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential" sparked my curiosity, and from what I have gleaned, are pretty spot-on when it comes to what goes on between the mise and salamander. What is even more alluring, however, is what comes out of that kitchen. What you will find on the tables of New York City while dining at the hands of the great chefs, the lesser chefs, and everone in between is what this blog is all about.
Happy reading... then happy eating.