Thursday, May 20, 2010

Il Matto: il giorno dopo

So it wasn't a dinner after all... press-centric soft opening (aka miniscule passed apps at 23h00 and a very, very open bar). That said, what was offered was surprisingly palatable. The space is completely unfinished. The bathrooms downstairs are the only thing practically done (besides a conspicuous absence of waste baskets & t.p., and a very sticky operation on the water faucets). To taste were a tuna tartare with mango and avocado, a simple and earthy farro salad with artichoke and grano, and the grand finale, a stunning parmagiano creme brulee with carmelized onion atop. This, while obviously a luscious little calorie bomb, was not brutally rich: just light enough to make you keep wanting more. And more. If this is any indication of what is yet to come (the restaurant proper should be open in less than two weeks, although given it's current state, that would seem ambitious), I think Il Matto will be un grosso successo.

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